Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

This is my opening gambit, it’s not much


Pinching a David Gray song name for a title. Not a great start.

It’s a strange thing, making a decision, sometimes we do it in an instant; I like this chocolate, I do not like my new boss, I need a new toothbrush. Then there are those times when it takes months, even years, maybe never; deciding to leave a partner, quitting a job, picking a TV unit in IKEA (I’ve been back 3 times and yet am still stuck with a hideous grey and green thing that cost $20 from Gumtree and has lasted longer than most of my relationships. More on that later.

Starting this blog, fortunately, or unfortunately, has not taken too long.  A friend, let’s call her Annie (she’s not called Annie), suggested it roughly three weeks ago, and like a T-Swift ditty, the idea has been circling around this ever-over-thinking brain of mine since.

Life is odd. To some extent we all realise this eventually. Some of us realise what a completely ludicrous game it is early on. For some poor souls, I imagine they realise it on their death bed. For me, that moment came this afternoon, at the age of 34, on a gloriously sunny, yet crisp Sydney winter day. As I sat on Bronte beach, two beaches and two kilometres down the Pacific-facing coast from its famously fabulous (and fabulously famous) neighbour, Bondi, my home of over two years and counting, I had a mini melt down of sorts. I think a ‘build up’ is more fitting.

This is my opening gambit, it’s not much, a necessary formality before I launch immediately into my first full blog post. Which I’ve already written. I have an idea of where I would like this blog to go, but let’s be honest, like life, it rarely works out how you plan, so let’s just see. Will anyone read it? Will anyone care? Will I get bored after two posts and consign it to an ever-growing list of pastimes I’ve dabbled in and dropped. Ah the flightiness of the 21st century. I think I’ll write a post, or ten, about that in fact.

I make only one promise, that what I write here will be open, honest, and probably painful in places. I cannot guarantee comedic value. I will try to make it worth the click and scroll.

Peace and Goodwill to ALL.


(Yes, this is my home, yes, it is amazing, no, I will not apologise for it. Moving to the other side of the world, leaving behind everyone and everything you love, and navigating the Australian immigration policy is not to be taken on lightly).



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