Heaven is a Place on Earth.

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People, all around the world, are right now speculating about what is going to happen next.

If/when do we get to go back to work?

How long will the money in my savings last?

Will the banks go under because of mortgage defaults?

Will the airlines ever come back?

When are the kids going back to school?

etc, etc, etc.

What is quickly becoming apparent is that no one knows.  No can say with any degree of certainty what the future holds.

But, let’s think about that for a moment…

Do we ever really know what the future holds?  We have concepts in our minds of what the future looks like, or what we’d like it to look like, but we also know that everything can change in an instant.

We know this, and yet we don’t really accept it, because we spend our lives making these plans for the future anyway, despite having the knowledge that we cannot control the future.

What is happening right now, if you choose to accept it, is that the world is waking up to the reality that the future is just an abstract concept in our minds that we cannot actually control.

And as soon as we realise that to be the case, we then have the opportunity to realise the truth of existence, that the only moment that exists in reality is the present moment.  Not the moment down the track, or the moment that’s already been.  It just is THIS moment.

The past, is also an abstract concept of the mind.  Two people can have the exact same experience and yet in the moment after that experience have two completely different reactions.  The only reality that exists is not that past experience, but the reaction or EXPERIENCE that is being experienced right now.

As you read these words, you are jumping from one moment to another.  The past, whether it be 5 minutes or 5 decades ago may have an impact on how you receive these words.  Because your past experience is at the front of your mind as you read this, you cannot truly be present when you read this.  You cannot fully appreciate the words on the page for the purity of what they are.

So there’s a fun game to be played here.  Can you read this post free of judgement of whether it is right or wrong?  Good or bad?  Insensitive or sensitive?  If you can, then you are free to behold the beauty of the words.

Am I saying my words are beautiful?  Or ugly?  No I am not.  They are neither, because both beauty and ugliness are constructs of the mind.  The words simply are.  They exist.  That is the only truth about these words.  Any interpretation of these words is purely driven by the constructs of the mind perceiving them on this screen. 

And this is life.

This is everything.  It’s mindbending I know, but the moment, this moment, is shaped only by your ability to be present in this moment.  If you allow the past or the future to infiltrate the present moment you are not free to enjoy the present moment fully – for they are just abstract concepts within your mind, remembered or anticipated in a certain way.  They are not necessarily, or even likely, the truth.

If we can free ourselves from our past story, from the stories other people tell us, and from the story we tell ourselves about the future, we become free.  Free to enjoy life completely.  This is freedom. This is what, ultimately, we are all searching for.  Love.

I’ve used the word ‘we’ in the paragraph above on purpose, because this is what needs to happen.  WE, the collective – we are all connected, like it or not, the universe is a giant mass of energy, break it down far enough and everything is energy.  We are one. One is we.  It’s hard to get your mind round, I know, but this is the concept that we should work to get our minds around.

You as an individual create your own reality.  We as a collective also create our reality.

At the moment, the world is experiencing a reality of negative energy overload.

The only way to turn that around starts with you.  You as an individual have an option to live your life in the present moment, if we do that we can truly live, and that is how our energy will flow in a positive manner.  The collective cannot do that for you right now, because the negative energy is in almost total control.


Ask yourself these questions.

Do I choose love over fear?

Do I choose to give up trying to control the future?

Do I choose to accept and be grateful to the past as the lessons in life that led me to this point?

If you can answer yes to all three of those questions, then you are free to enjoy the present moment.  Your energy will shine bright and clear and positively.

People around you will be affected by that energy, since positive energy is attractive and they will be pulled towards your light.

On Monday of this week something snapped within me and I answered yes, truthfully to all three of those questions.

All you have to do, literally this is it, is answer yes to those questions and your ENTIRE reality will change.

Yes I choose love. Yes I give up control of the future. Yes I am grateful for all that came before to teach me.

In fact it boils to one question.

Do you want create your life, or do you want to let the world outside you create it?  Do you want….wait for it….


For a long time the world outside has looked like a pretty safe and ok place, so we, as a collective have been ok with handing over that power.  Now the world outside is a messy, scary place.  Now is your chance, your opportunity, your motivation to step into the driving seat and take control of your reality that you experience in every single moment.

It’s a beautiful gift.

If you choose to look at it as anything other than a beautiful gift then you cannot answer yes to those questions above yet, and your pain will continue until you are ready to, or simply have to, change your perspective.

The world needs this shift right now.  Change it before global war becomes an outcome of our collective fear.  Change it to love.  We do not need to fight.  We are in the kingdom of heaven.  We are the kingdom of heaven.  It is your reality.  Heaven is a place on earth.  If you choose it.  We must choose it to see it.

Please read, re-read, try to understand, explore this concept with your loved ones, and share, share it with anyone who is currently gripped with fear.  Everyone is gripped in fear.  They do not need to be.  Experience is essential.  Suffering is optional.

Please share.

Lot of Love,


Ps. If you want a one on one session with me to help get to those yes’s then drop me a message on here, or via email christopher.smale@yahoo.co.uk

Perhaps you’re not ready but know someone that is?



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