The Story of the Shepherd and his Sheeple. A Covid-19 parable.

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You didn’t genuinely believe that was the last post did you?  Mate, I’m just getting started.

The last edition was the final chapter of the old book.  This post marks the commencement of the new.

The last post was all about truth.  My truth.  The only truth that exists within my universe.

In my universe WW3 has already started, in fact it’s already close to being won.

“What on earth are you talkin about?!” I hear you say.

Let me tell you a story…

Once there was a flock of sheep in a large open field, lets say, it’s a field on the side of a stunning alpine mountain.  There is a shepherd on this field, keeping watch over the sheep, helping with lambing, ensuring they had enough grass to eat, but also checking that the sheep didn’t hurt each other.  When they did they got told off.  The sheep were all essentially free to roam about where ever, and behave how ever they liked.  Some of the sheep liked to roam far and wide, leaving the safety of the field and the shepherd’s watch, but some liked to stay close to the shepherd and behave quite differently.  Some of the sheep liked to move slowly around the field, some wanted to jump and run about.  Whatever the sheep wanted to do they could do, the sheep did have a shepherd, but they did get to choose how to be.

The shepherd often thought to himself that the lively, wild sheep were more trouble than they were worth, but what was he to do?  The sheep were always different and he couldn’t stop them from being sheep!

But then one day, the shepherd spotted a man stood under an Apple tree, he wandered over and the man told the shepherd of a new product which would  make the sheep less likely to leave the ‘safety’ of his field. He installed the new product in the middle of the field, and was delighted with the results.  The sheep loved the new product, they spent all day looking at it, even when they were walking and eating grass with their friends! They just couldn’t take their eyes off it.  Some of them spent 10 hours a day looking at it.  Several of the sheep them were even happy to wear a smaller version of it on their ankle.  It meant he didn’t lose as many of the sheep to the wild, as he was prone to do before.  Now he could convince nearly all of the sheep to stay relatively static, ‘safely’ in his field.  He could keep watch on all of them.  He was a happy shepherd.

Unfortunately some of the more rebellious sheep still wanted to roam free and jump around, being a general nuisance to the shepherd.  He was worried that the well-behaved sheep would soon start to follow the naughty sheep’s example.

Luckily for the shepherd, another man arrived in his field, a man WHO suggested that the shepherd should scare the sheep so they behave better.  The shepherd nodded, yes that could work!  He told his sheep that it was dangerous outside of the middle of the field now because there was a WOLF living in the forest beyond their field.  The sheep looked scared and moved to the middle of the field, they all decided to be sensible for a while, until the danger had passed.  The shepherd was delighted, now he would lose none of his sheep, and it was much easier to check they were all safe .  No sheep would be lost to the wild.  No sheep would cause him any problems.

The sheep were scared.  If it was so dangerous should the shepherd not put up a fence to protect them from the danger?

The shepherd obliged, smiling secretly to himself.

The sheep were relieved, they were happy that the shepherd was doing so much to protect them from the danger.

However, as time wore on they began to feel irritable, cramped and unhappy, especially the more wild ones who carried a spirit of adventure.  The ‘nuisance’ sheep started to test the fence, to see if they could escape.  They were willing to face the danger of the wolf.  The more docile sheep told them off, saying that if they broke the fence the wolf would come into the field and eat them.  They begged the shepherd to save them from the ‘crazy, nuisance’ sheep.  The shepherd happily agreed and installed an electric fence to keep the sheep in.  Especially those naughty wild ones.

The naughty sheep, accepted the electric fence at first, assuming the danger outside must be really bad if the shepherd was willing to go to all that trouble to install the electric fence.

After some time, some of the sheep became so fearful and stressed by the thought of the wolf that they became unwell and died, the other sheep saw this and panicked looked to the shepherd for help.  Had the wolf entered the field?!  Even with electric fence?!  Even though they were being really well behaved?  How could he save them?  They pleaded for help.

The shepherd smiled secretly to himself.

The shepherd said all of the sheep must go into smaller pens and keep 2 metres away from each other at all times.  They would be allowed out from their pens for an hour per day to walk in the field, but only in small groups, and always 2 metres apart from each other.  This was for their protection, it would make it harder for the wolf to catch them.  The shepherd would watch on to make sure they did not get any closer or walk too far.  The sheep were grateful to the shepherd for keeping them safe and letting them go for walks, but they did miss nuzzling their noses into wool of their companions.  It made their noses warm, and their hearts happy.  Now they couldn’t do that they felt like something really important was missing.

Still, the sheep were mostly just happy to be safe from the wolf.  However, after a while the sheep became increasingly stressed by their confinement and isolation.  Even the docile ones, but especially the adventurous ones, who began to question how dangerous it really was outside.  Baaaaa.  Where was the wolf?  All they had seen was a few foxes! Some of the sheep started to suspect there was no wolf.  They just wanted to be sheep again, to run about and eat grass.  When would the shepherd let them be sheep again?

Some sheep gave in, their wills crushed, they became sad, anxious, more fearful and docile.  Those that did not, turned their fear into anger and tried to escape.  The shepherd knew he had to make an example of them, for if all the sheep formed together to break the fence they would and they would escape.  So he beat the few that did with a stick until they learnt not to try to escape.  The sheep stopped testing the fence.

The shepherd was happy for a while, because out of fear, the sheep stopped testing the fence, the sheep sat in their pens and caused him no headaches, but then they started to get sick in large quantities, and he was no longer able to sell their meat, for it tasted rotten and foul.  He realised that the sheep were just too depressed and too restricted, he did not want to lose his business so he split them into groups inside slightly larger pens, allowed them to nuzzle each other again, and gave them some little tasks to do, and things to play with to keep them occupied.

This worked for a while, but the sheep remained unhappy and sick, they weren’t allowed to be sheep, and this made them sad and angry.  Eventually they started to fight with each other inside of their pens.  The shepherd saw an opportunity, he managed to convince the sheep to distrust the sheep in the other pens.  They forgot about the wolf.  The other sheep were the danger all along!  Their own brothers and sisters!  The sheep within each pen became united in their hatred of the other sheep in other pens, and eventually called for the shepherd to let them fight the other sheep.

The shepherd, sensing an opportunity to give the sheep purpose, introduced organised fights between chosen sheep from the different pens.  These fights were to become a battle to the death.  The last sheep standing won the right to go live in the shepherd’s private garden which had lush and plentiful green grass.  The sheep were so miserable they were willing to kill for that lush grass and freedom.

What the winning sheep did not realise was that, whilst he would be able to munch on that grass, he was tied with a piece of rope to a post, and had no friends to share the feast with so it wasn’t much fun.  Then to top it all off, the shepherd ate him, and his meat was tasty from the lush grass.  Now there was space for next year’s winner of the Hungry Sheep Games too.

As the shepherd sat eating his lamb chops, he remarked to himself how delicious the young sheep were, but the older sheep weren’t much good for eating.  He decided there and then that he should kill and eat them all before they get too old.  That way all of the young sheep would have plenty of lush grass to eat, and no old sheep would be around to tell stories of the days when the field was wide and open and free.

The shepherd smiled secretly to himself.  No sheep would ever cause him a nuisance or go missing again.  He’d have tasty lamb chops every day.  Everything was perfect.

The end.

We’ve cancelled Olympics, we’ve cancelled the football, we’ve cancelled everything.  This is the new game, the new reality, but there’s a chance you haven’t realised you’re already participating in it.

For me, in my universe, Covid-19 is a massive fix up.  Smash the average family, destroy small businesses, upgrade the tech, fast-track new laws to restrict our freedom and civil liberties, reduce our privacy, interested parties seizing control, power, money and greed.  It’s nothing new, Shakespeare had it all worked out in the Merchant of Venice.  The fat cats in Wall Street and Co are getting rich double over.  No doubt sold out of everything at the top.  Then took the money and bet on the market collapse.  End result: Say goodbye to your pension, say goodbye to your savings.  They’ll buy back in at the bottom, by which point you’ll be too damn scared to reinvest in case you lose the little you have left.  Your job has likely gone, or it’s on the way out.  The men at the top have made their move, declared war, and before you even know it’s war it looks like they’ve already won.  We’ll all end up on a basic universal credit, cash will be outlawed, the black market will move to bitcoin, until they shut it down.  They’ll sit at top, controlling it all, getting richer, whilst employing a police state to protect them from the dirty Proles.  You won’t be allowed to leave your district.  Already implemented in China, who just so happens to be ‘schooling’ the G20 leaders on how to manage a pandemic.  You’ll get fat, lazy, depressed, and you’ll sit there watching Netflix, eating terrible quality food, getting sicker, and lazier and fatter.  This is population control.  It’s already happened, and your pitiful, useless governments stood by and welcomed it in.  In fact they’ve borrowed a fortune of cash to pay for it, and guess who’s going to have to pay for that… Certainly won’t be the ‘shepherds’.

I’m not even angry, it’s amazing to observe.  The execution of the plan is sensationally brilliant.  I can’t believe I’ve just witnessed WW3 get won in less than a month without anyone even realising it had started, apart from those who started it, obviously.

Time to wake up.

There isn’t much time.  That Electric fence and the beatings for disobedience are just around the corner.

I’ll leave you with this gem from those wonderful Monty Python boys.




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