The Splintering – What I Learnt From Facebook This Week

Get on board with the majority, accept the status quo or you are the enemy.  I am now the enemy of the masses despite the fact I only seek to protect them from tyranny and loss of freedom.

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A splintering is occurring, a societal divide so large it is becoming a chasm.  A gaping crevasse across all nations that the meek shall slip down into whilst the two raging sides on the surface take up weapons, declare war and bring about total destruction.  It has started.

A former colleague, and someone who I would have once called a friend, posted the following on facebook this week:

“If anyone on my friends list is attending or even considering attending the protest against COVID restrictions on Saturday in Melb – please kindly delete yourself off my page ASAP.” 

Obviously, being the person that I am, and with the anti-lockdown position I have taken since day 1 of what I warmly refer to as the ‘Covid Shit Show’ (CSS), I joked that I would be there with the protesters in spirit.  Needless to say I received immediate and somewhat vitriolic backlash from the person’s facebook contacts (I prefer not to use the term ‘facebook friends’, it’s insulting to the word ‘friend’) who have wholeheartedly swallowed the mainstream Covid narrative and refuse to even remotely entertain the possibility that the whole truth is not what is being portrayed in the mainstream media.

(note, WordPress is suggesting that ‘lockdown’ and ‘covid’ aren’t real words, surely they are cast iron favourites to be added to the dictionary this year?) 

Someone then chimed in with this little nugget below, which I particularly enjoyed.  Apparently reading information from numerous sources, critically thinking and piecing together an alternative picture to that which has been portrayed in the mainstream media is fitting of the term ‘dumb’  Who am I to argue?  I’m the dumb one…

“I don’t know why I am still caught off guard by how dumb some people are”

It got better.  The original poster then provided a link to an article (link here) that described the plight of a pregnant woman who has been arrested in Melbourne for posting up anti-lockdown content on social media.  The original poster clearly in agreement that the punishment fits the ‘crime’, the crime being to publicly protest against the destruction of civil freedoms (an important freedom in any healthy democracy).  Personally I find it startling that anyone of sane mind can find this okay.  Orwell’s thought police are almost here; you can, in one part of a developed, established and prosperous ‘democratic’ nation now be arrested for posting opinions and organising protests on social media.  It is a scary development.  This might sound dramatic to you, but to me, that is scary enough for me to seriously consider the security of my long term future in this country.  I wonder if the UK is not far behind.  At least it’s sunny down under, it’s amazing how little you really need if a warm sun is shining and the birds are tweeting.

The comments on the post continued, a couple of slanderous digs here, and a few typically wanky affirmative cliches there “preach!”. It was enough to make this conservative traditionalist have to stifle a mental vomit.  I responded with some of what I deemed to be thought-provoking bits of information… there was a NY Times piece questioning the validity of the PCR test that has been used in this CSS (Covid Shit Show), despite the fact the inventor (and Nobel prize winner) of the test has said on multiple occasions that it is not suitable for diagnosing infectious disease.  There was the article describing how all 77 positive CSS tests in the NFL had turned out to be false positives (i.e. not Covid) – yep all 77, Every. Single. One.  And then there was the home run: The CDC revelation that only 6% of Covid deaths were actually Covid deaths, and that on average the other 94% had 2.6 pre-existing serious health conditions, plus the fact that circa 90% of that 6% were of ‘advanced age’.  Basically what it amounted to was this: it is pretty much the same people dying of Covid that would likely lose their lives to influenza.

I raised that point too, why is it that Australia has lost almost nobody to the seasonal flu this winter?  Last time I checked two weeks back it was a stunning statistic – there had been zero flu deaths in Australia in 2020, but there were 500-odd in 2019.  At the time of writing there have been 663 Covid deaths in Aus.  But what if only 6% of those are actually Covid deaths?  And what if those 6% were mostly frail old people who were at risk of dying of just about any infection that came along.  What then?  Well then we’d have to seriously ask some questions about the story we’ve been told; the lockdowns; the contact tracing; the masks; the vaccines; the school and business closures; the quarantines; the border closures; and the absolutely abhorrent social distancing which is destroying the very fabric of human society, and nature.

The problem is this: those are difficult questions to ask, and asking them is a scary prospect for those who dare to even think of asking them, because the majority of the population have seemingly swallowed the mainstream narrative that has been pumped at them from their governments, their medical agencies and their news outlets.  Covid is dangerous.  Covid must be avoided at all costs.  Anyone who does not avoid it all costs is therefore dangerous, not to be trusted, and basically a murderer.  Which brings me to the next comment:

“I said fuck off my page. I don’t want to get into a debate hence the polite message above”

 The original poster did not appreciate being challenged, and rather than debate the point, suggested I should ‘fuck off’.  This is how far left or far right political stances play out.  When people go too far to one side (usually the left), they become completely intolerant to any views that differ to their own, and not only that, but will seek to quieten, and then eventually, when shit progresses far enough, destroy anyone who harbours views different to their own.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is tribalism, or fascism.  Fascism is often assumed to be a right wing outcome, but socialism often leads that way.  Hitler, according to many who have studied him, was a socialist at heart.

Just like that, friendships and relationships are destroyed by one party deciding that because the other party’s views are not aligned with their own they can’t, or simply do not want to continue a friendship/relationship.  Communication ceases, and when communication ceases, war often takes its place.  It starts with friendships, it ends with entire nations, or in this latest iteration, the whole freaking world.

I have experienced this first hand on many occasions over the past six months.  At first it was startling to witness how many friends, and even family members simply could not tolerate someone close to them (i.e. myself) holding a different view on something they believed.  It was disturbing, but I have now come to accept it with some sadness.  It is tribal human nature, but it also somewhat primitive.  Fortunately, I also feel somewhat grateful, this has shown me the relationships that are worth holding on to, and worth cultivating.  Like minded, and unexpected allies have appeared in corners across the globe.  As CSS time has dragged on and new information has come to light which supports the stance I have taken since March of this year, some friends have seemingly re-opened the door, but not one apology has been forthcoming.  Such is the nature of people in the 21st century.  We have had it too easy.  I’ve been forced to grow stronger because ill health has made it impossible not to.  I cannot judge those who have not been so fortunate to experience the relentless humbling experience, and therefore growth opportunity, that chronic illness provides.  I can only forgive, love and hope that some will choose to grow with me when times get tough enough for them to find the motivation.

But this is war, and it is only really just starting.  Many people have chosen sides, made up their minds, and there is little chance of them changing that.  Once dialogue breaks down between people, and their views are so opposing, loggerheads are inevitable.  As the CSS economic and social fallout grows people will grow more disgruntled, frustrated, depressed and angry, and they will seek people to blame.  The people who have taken the stance that I have firmly blame the 1% – the elite that ultimately govern this world and all that reside in it.  Big pharma, big media, big tech and the financial kingpins, to me it is obvious that they have fabricated this doomsday scenario in order to grow their wealth, power and influence even further so that they may shape the world in the way they see fit.  After all, Bill Gates has never shied away from the fact that global population reduction is the goal of his vaccination endeavors…  The people on one side who question everything are labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’ by the people on the other side, who in turn are often labelled as ‘sheeple’, a term that highlights their willingness to believe and do whatever it is they are told.  I was never any good at doing what I was told if it made no sense to me.  It was like that at school and the same can be said for every job I have ever had.  If it doesn’t make sense, I’m not doing it.  

The ‘conspiracy theorists’ know the ‘sheeple’ cannot help it, they have been brainwashed since they were children by people far smarter and far more organised than them.  But the ‘sheeple’ outnumber the ‘critical thinkers’ (I prefer this to ‘conspiracy theorist’ personally) by an estimated and generally accepted 30:1  Here’s where the danger lies, for me personally, and anyone who dares to question what they’re told to think or do.  If the sheeple get very scared, very angry, very depressed, and very frustrated, they also become very dangerous.  People who are acting out of fear are easy to manipulate, unpredictable in their nature, and prone to unreasonable aggression.  It would be worth worrying about if there was any worth in worrying.  There are clear and present warnings that fascism is on the rise.  Get on board with the majority, accept the status quo or you are the enemy.  I am now the enemy of the masses despite the fact I only seek to protect them from tyranny and loss of freedom.

It is no surprise that an estimated 1.5 million people turned up to an anti-CSS restrictions protest in Berlin last weekend.  If one country was going to be really really aware and alert to the early warning signs of rising fascism, it was going to be Germany.  They have not forgotten what 95% of the rest of the world seemingly has…. history.  History, alongside language, is in my view, arguably the most important subject a human being can study.  If we fail to remember mistakes of the past then we are doomed to repeat them.  Here we are in 2020, a mere 75 years since the Nazis lost to the allies, and yet propaganda is rife, opposing views are shut down rather than challenged, communications stifled and censored, democratic processes bypassed, authoritarian measures in place across the globe, xenophobia on the rise, families and friendships ripped apart far too easily by something as trivial as opinions.

How long until shit gets really nasty?  Not long is my educated guess.  This is war, you just probably haven’t realised it yet.  Unless enough people rise up and join the brave souls in Berlin then the Allies’ victory 75 years ago is forgotten history.  Democracy will be dead, at least for some time, millions, perhaps billions will die of starvation and possible warfare (socialism always goes that way eventually).

This is not new.  A man on a cross two thousand years ago cried to the heavens:

“Forgive them father, for they know not what they do”

I read his words above and shudder, for I see quite clearly how many around me know not what they do.  They hear my public challenges to the status quo and label me a dangerous, deluded conspiracy theorist.  That man on who died on the cross was labelled a trouble maker for the same reasons that Nelson Mandela was locked up for all those years.  He saw how the Romans and the Catholic church used its influence for its own gain at the expense of its citizens and followers, just as the pharma, tech, media and financial powerhouses do today.  Jesus was by all accounts a social activist as much as he was a healer and spiritual teacher.  Gandhi could be placed into the same bracket.  I hope my fate is not like his, but I have accepted that it may well be as I am not one to stay quiet where I see that something is wrong.  I am not one to hide away.  I never have been, likely never will be.  It is possibly both my strength and my eventual downfall.  Regardless, may those who crucify me for standing up for what I believe in be forgiven.

We would do well to remember that a house built upon sand will perish when the storm comes.  A house built upon rock will more likely survive.  That parable is two thousand years old, but as relevant today as it was then.  We are the house, our mind is either the sand or the rock.  If we meditate, pray, and practice, our minds and bodies become more resilient.  This is why I meditate.  This is why I fast from food.  This is why I practice yoga, and gratitude, and forgiveness.  This is why I provide guidance and help to those who want it.  The storm is coming.  Now is the time to fortify those foundations.  If you would like to work with me to do just that, if you are ready to heal, ready to grow, please do get in touch.



EDIT: The original poster has since contacted me to say they will be reporting me to the authorities unless I take this post down.  I cannot take this post down, it goes against what I believe in.  Freedom of speech.  I am not inciting violence. I am not organising any protests.  I am merely commenting on the state of the world as I see it and reporting on an experience I have had.  If this is a crime then we have a big problem on our hands.  Much bigger than a personal blog where the average post gets 50-100 views, mostly close friends and family.  I have removed any names from the post.


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